Mt Lofty is the largest and most
credentialed volleyball club in Australia.

Our club has won both men's and women's national league competitions and multiple national and state championships. Our players and coaches have represented the Mount Lofty Volleyball Club in the Olympics for both indoor and beach, and have had a large number of representations in state and national teams


The Mount Lofty Volleyball Club was formed in 1986 to give talented volleyballers from the strong Stirling/Heathfield/Aldgate/Adelaide Hills area a chance to play State League Volleyball. 

In its first year the Mount Lofty men’s team, coached by Harley Simpson and captained by National player Steve Tutton won the two major events in South Australia, The State League Premiership and the South Australian Open.

1987 saw the club campaign two State League teams with the inclusion of a women’s team. This team coached by David Eldridge emulated the men’s outstanding effort of winning the State League premiership in their first year. Olympic Gold Medallist Kerri Pottharst was a member of this team.

In a very short period of time, Mount Lofty has become one of the powers of Australian Volleyball with many national and state players representing the club.

Currently the Mt Lofty club offers:

  • Eight (8) senior volleyball teams in the South Australian Volleyball League (Saturday league)

  • Twenty Five (25) in South Australian Volleyball League - Juniors (Friday nights)

  • Forty Four (46) Teams in Spikezone Volleyball (Friday after school competition)

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